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'Alcatuita dintr-o tesatura de naratiune clasica, e-mailuri, discutii pe Facebook si alte mijloace digitale de comunicare, cartea lui Melanie Gideon este confesiunea sincera a unei femei care se lupta sa-si impace propriile dorinte cu... Detalii »
Editura: Trei   Categorie: Literatura Straina  
Cartea a aparut la editura Herg Benet.E usor sa te bati cu pumnul in piept ca iubesti Romania. E simplu sa-ti cumperi un fular in culorile tricolorului rosu galben si albastru si sa iesi in piata de 1 Decembrie la un pahar de vin gratis. E ... Detalii »
Editura: Herg Benet   Categorie: Publicistica Eseuri   Autor: Cristina Nemerovschi  
Relatii. Intr-o cautare pe Google cele trei cuvinte cheie prinse in titlu (email messenger Facebook) returneza urmatoarele date statistice: Email= 2 950 000 000 results. Messenger= 896 000 000 results. Facebook = 4 570 000 000 results. Desi cartea a... Detalii »
Editura: Nemira   Categorie: Diete Fitness Retete   Autor: Dan Radoiu  
Dezvoltare personala, Dezvoltarea carierei. The definitive guide to social media job hunting - now updated to include GOOGLE+! Finding your dream job the old way just doesn't happen anymore. If you want to move up in today's ultracompetitive job market, you have to master the most us... Detalii »
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Umor, Benzi desenate. Shit New York is a hilarious collection of photographs brilliantly depicting what shitness New Yorkers have to actually put up with every day Visit for more hilarity or join Shit New York on Facebook! The follow-up to Port... Detalii »
Categorie: Lifestyle  
74 7% din gospodariile in care exista un minor au acces la Internet. 9 din 10 adolescenti utilizeaza internetul si 71 7% au un profil de Facebook. O carte care explica parintilor cum sa gestioneze riscurile ci si beneficiile noilor tehnolog... Detalii »
Editura: Lizuka Educativ   Categorie: Parenting   Autor: Iacopo Casadei  
Societate si cultura: Teme generale, Studii clulturale, Cultura populara. You are what you share. That is the ethic of the world being created by YouTube and MySpace, Wikipedia and Facebook. We-Think is a rallying call for the shared power of the web to make society more open and egalitarian. We-Think reports on ... Detalii »
Categorie: Societate Si Stiinte Sociale  
Apeluri telefonice, SMS-uri, chat-uri, cautari pe Google, fotografii pe Facebook: ne comunicam in fiecare clipa informatiile personale privind locurile in care suntem, opiniile, obiceiurile, fricile s...... Detalii »
Categorie: Stiinte Umaniste  
Facebook and Google have changed the way customers begin their relationship with your neighborhood b... Detalii »
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Familia si sanatatea, Parenting. An honest and funny collection of the best lessons in motherhood, from the blogger The Unmumsy Mum. She writes candidly about motherhood as it really is: the messy, maddening, hilarious reality, and how it's sometimes fine to not know what ... Detalii »
Categorie: Minte Trup Si Spirit  
Sanatate, dezvoltare personala. Get Shit Done. Less Meetings, More Doing. Passion Never Fails. These mantras have bred the likes of Twitter and Instagram. Now the essence of the startup world has been captured in book form. There's rocket-fuelled insight from the pioneers... Detalii »
Editura: Penguin Books Ltd   Categorie: Carte Straina  
Grupe de varsta. Leight Anderson este experta in jocuri scriitoare si jurnalista. Semneaza articole in publicatiile Jane Salon Women's Health Men's si Time Out New York. Te-ai saturat ca la petreceri tu si prietenii tai sa va plictisiti asteptand sa treaca ... Detalii »
Editura: Litera   Categorie: Carti Pentru Copii   Autor: Leigh Anderson  
General, Business. The fast-paced story of two Ivy-League outcasts who concocted a scheme to meet girls, and ended up inventing Facebook. Eduardo Saverin and Mark Zuckerberg - an awkward maths prodigy and a painfully shy computer genius - were never going to ... Detalii »
Categorie: Biografii Memorii Jurnale  
This is a pre-1923 historical reproduction that was curated for quality. Quality assurance was condu... Detalii »
Categorie: Carti In Limba Engleza Sports  
Carti in limba engleza. Travis Macy summited glacial peaks in the French Alps rappelled into vast limestone caves in China and ran through parched deserts in Utah. Most famously he won one of the country's marquee ultra-distance events: Leadman a high-altitude ser... Detalii »
Editura: The Perseus Books Group   Categorie: Hobby   Autor: Travis Macy  
Carti in limba engleza. We're all in Sales now Parents sell their kids on going to bed. Spouses sell their partners on mowing the lawn. We sell our bosses on giving us more money and more time off. And in astonishing numbers we go online to sell ourselves on Faceb... Detalii »
Editura: Canongate   Categorie: Carti De Specialitate   Autor: Daniel H. Pink  
Am pornit in documentarea si scrierea acestei carti cu cateva intrebari in minte. Altele s-au conturat pe parcurs. Ce schimba social media? De ce spunem ca Facebook e o revolutie? Daca n-am fi avut Twitter si Facebook, s-ar fi petrecut lucr... Detalii »
Editura: Humanitas   Categorie: Mass media Si Comunicare  
Fictiune contemporana. Now in paperback, this is the latest uplifting novel from the bestselling author of PS I Love You, The Time Of My Life and Where Rainbows End, which was recently adapted into a film called Love, Rosie. Ahern has sold 15 million books worldw... Detalii »
Categorie: Fictiune  
Cum e cand iti citesti viitorul nu in palma, nu in cafea, ci pe un Facebook care nu a fost inca inventat. Un roman pentru tinerii de azi, despre viata lor de maine. Este anul1996, si nici jumatate din...... Detalii »
Categorie: Fictiune Literatura  
A devenit cunoscut datorita textelor cu haz de pe Facebook ce prezinta intamplari din viata de politist rutier si a reusit sa schimbe imaginea breslei sale. 'Flash-uri din sens opus' reprezinta volumu...... Detalii »
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