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Familia si sanatatea, Fitness si diete, Diete si regimuri alimentare. Sports Nutrition for Endurance Athletes makes high-performance nutrition simple for running, cycling, triathlon, and swimming. Weighing in at 432 pages, this newly updated third edition is the most comprehensive resource on nutrition from t... Detalii »
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Medicina alternativa & Holistica. Cartea va prezinta 190 specii de plante si 4 ciuperci medicinale si tot atatea ceaiuri tincturi s.a in functie de afectiunea de care suferiti toate la indemana dumneavoastra.... Detalii »
Editura: Lucman   Categorie: Medicina   Autor: Ioana Tudor  
Sanatate. Aceasta carte se adreseaza femeilor care trec prin experienta unei menopauze si prezinta modificariel care apar in organismul acestora dar si avantajele sau dezavantajele Terapiei de Substitutie Hormonala.... Detalii »
Editura: Minerva   Categorie: Diete Fitness Retete   Autor: Anne MacGregor  
Familia si sanatatea, Parenting. Celebrate the little blessings in your life in this photographic journey through the relationship of mother, father, and baby. Each spread features a photo from Anne Geddes partnered with a sentiment of blessing. ANNE GEDDES LITTLE BLESSING... Detalii »
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Diete. Aceasta carte face parte din colectia Sa fii sanatos a editurii Curtea Veche. Ligia Pop este raw food chef gazda show-ului TV online Ligias Kitchensi De vorba cu Ligia organizeaza anual expozitii raw food nationale si sustine demonstratii c... Detalii »
Editura: Curtea Veche   Categorie: Diete Fitness Retete   Autor: Ligia Pop  
Diete. Programul despre care vorbeste toata lumea! Imaginati-va o lume in care atacurile de cord sunt extrem de rare iar moartea din cauza unui infarct prematur este practic necunoscuta. Imaginati-va o lume in care bolile de inima sunt descoperite... Detalii »
Editura: Curtea Veche   Categorie: Diete Fitness Retete   Autor: Arthur Agatston  
Familia si sanatatea, Parenting, Cresterea copilului. Many parents wonder how the sweet, chubby baby which gurgles happily at them for the first twelve months changes so suddenly into a bellowing, tantrum prone, heel drumming, carpet biting toddler. What's gone wrong? Whose fault is it? What c... Detalii »
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Familia si sanatatea, Familia si relatiile, Sex si sexualitate. For thousands of years the sexual principles and techniques presented here were taught by Taoist masters in secret only to a small number of people (sworn to silence), in the royal courts and esoteric circles of China. This is the first boo... Detalii »
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Familia si sanatatea, Parenting. In Raising Cain, Dan Kindlon, Ph.D., and Michael Thompson, Ph.D., two of the country's leading child psychologists, share what they have learned in more than thirty-five years of combined experience working with boys and their families. The... Detalii »
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Sanatate, dezvoltare personala. 'Un ghid accesibil, puternic documentat stiintific despre vointa si cum este cel mai indicat sa depasesti tentatiile. Vointa nu duce lipsa de strategii utile pentru a compensa slabiciunea vointei.“ - Wall Street Journal 'Vointa, puter... Detalii »
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Mapa contine 27 de planse. Poezii: - Batista (1 plansa) - Harnicuta (2 planse) - Sfatul mamei este bun (2 planse) - Facem gimnastica (2 planse) - Stomatologul (2 planse) - Micii doctori (1 plansa) - Ce e bine si ce-i rau (2 planse) - Tanu (... Detalii »
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Acumularea de produse reziduale acide in organism determina imbatranirea. Daca reusim sa eliminam aceste deseuri, mai ales pe cele vechi, putem inversa procesul de imbatranire. Putem chiar elimina sim...... Detalii »
Categorie: Gastronomie Si Diete  
Animale de companie. De la rolul de paznic la stana sau de simplu vanator de soareci pana la rangul de membru al familiei animalul de companie a parcurs numeroase etape intr-un timp foarte scurt. O evolutie ametitoare! Dar noi l-am primit asa cum se cuvine prin... Detalii »
Editura: Lider   Categorie: Casa Gradina   Autor: Christine Magro  
Familia si sanatatea, Parenting. Every parent would happily give up ever scolding, punishing or threatening if she only knew how to ensure that her toddler/child/teen would thrive and act responsibly without such painful measures:Raising Our Children, Raising Ourselves is ... Detalii »
Categorie: Minte Trup Si Spirit  
Familia si sanatatea, Parenting, Sarcina si nasterea. America's best-selling and best-loved guide to baby gear is back with an updated and revised edition! Yes, a baby book that actually answers the big question about having a baby: How am I going to afford all this? With the average cost of a... Detalii »
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Familia si sanatatea, Familia si relatiile, Sex si sexualitate. Jesus and Mary Magdalene, Rumi and Shams, King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba, Isis and Osiris in these sacred unions we recognize the merging not only of Twin Souls but also of these lovers with the Divine. In Sacred Sexual Union, Anaiya S... Detalii »
Categorie: Minte Trup Si Spirit  
Sanatate, dezvoltare personala. New York Times Bestseller! "Originals is one of the most important and captivating books I have ever read, full of surprising and powerful ideas. It will not only change the way you see the world; it might just change the way you live your ... Detalii »
Editura: Wh Allen   Categorie: Carte Straina  
Sanatate, dezvoltare personala. In cartea Semne de sus, Doreen Virtue si fiul ei Charles te invata cum poti intelege aceste semne, care te inconjoara de pretutindeni. Citind povestile adevarate ale celor care s-au rugat la ingeri si care au primit semne clare ca raspuns l... Detalii »
Editura: Adevar Divin   Categorie: Carte  
Medicina Pentru Toti. Cum sa eliminam toxinele din organism - Jane Scrivner... Detalii »
Categorie: Sanatate   Autor: Jane Scrivner  
Sanatatea familiei. Mananca mai bine scapa de diabet! In Sfarsitul diabetului dr. Joel Fuhrman ne arata cum putem preveni si inversa evolutia diabetului si a simptomelor asociate scapand totodata si de kilogramele in plus. De fapt cei mai multi dintre diabetic... Detalii »
Editura: Lifestyle Publishing   Categorie: Familie   Autor: Joel Fuhrman  
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